Oracle Gaming Orlando LLC

Animator – Oracle: Threads of Fate | Sept 2017 - Feb 2018

Oracle is a tactical RPG that takes place during the Roman Conquest of Greece; developed in Unity.

• Animated three bipedal characters animation asset sets

• Assisted Art Lead’s pipeline on importing animation assets into game engine

• Collaborated with lead animator and lead designer to ensure character animations maintained their creative vision

• Facilitated technical rigger in optimizing control rig pipeline utilized on all characters

University of Central Florida

Animator – Draft | Jun - Aug 2017

VR futuristic gladiator sport game developed in UE4 featuring motion capture animations generated in Blade and Motion Builder.

• Collaborated with lead animator to clean motion capture data using Motion Builder

• Assisted as certified motion capture technician during in studio recording shoots

• Developed looping background creature animations for bird type character

• Animated interactive player controlled weapon and prop assets

University of Central Florida

Art Lead – Card Link | Dec 2016 - Jun 2017

Virtual reality fantasy card game utilizing interactive player companion characters and spell cards, operating in Unity for the HTC Vive.

• Coordinated and scheduled art pipeline with team leads to assigned contracted artists

• Appropriated materials and assets to support team member tasks and morale

• Conceptualized characters, pre-production environment layout, interactive items, level props, and UI gameplay concept designs

• Assisted with level designer to establish level’s lighting, shape, and look development

• Modeled and textured two anthropomorphic creature type main characters

• Acted as lead animator, creating all character animations that move by command and interact with player